A Minelab Equinox Tip” “Target Testing with Simplified Audio”

A Minelab Equinox Tip: Simplifying the Audio
…compared to a CTX or even an Excalibur the Minelab Equinox’s audio is “bitty” and as you increase the sensitivity above 20 targets go into this broken background. This means that you have to “listen harder” and slow the coil down to bring up the fainter responses.
This is especially true in salt water or where there are other sources of interference. With this kind of audio there’s a lot of target information in how much extension the signal tone has.
The solution is to get used to this sound by trying some of the audio modes that are simpler to learn to hear such as Gold 2 and 2 tone. With these there is less distraction.
More generally, using the Equinox’s 2 tone audio setting is a good way to learn to listen for consistent sounds and get practice using the cross sweep to confirm these. Be sure to vary your sweep speed as well as the direction. Listen to whether a signal gets sharper or breaks up in response to these quick tests.
The more different each subsequent coil pass is–the more stringent the test.

Caption: QQuick Coil Control Target Testing with the Minelab Equinox

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