If you have the “F2” upgrade on your Minelab Equinox use it to knock out alloys and focus on the best quality responses. Running the “F2” up at 7 or 8 lets you hear the weak, broken tones of bottlecaps and other alloys. Once you get some practice at this you can do the same thing with the “F2” at lower settings. This is a very effective weapon for separating gold from bottle caps and other alloyed targets. I use this setting in Two Tone mode with a “Gold Box” of 2 to 23 to focus on clean, narrow gold-range targets. Anything hitting up against this coin range notch (24+)–won’t be gold. Being able to distinguish the alloying of targets in this way is something that only the Minelab Equinox offers. Be sure to take the time to test, practice, listen and add this to your “bag of tricks.” For more information on learning this versatile detector check out clivesgoldpage.com

Many of these finds were “cherry-picked” from dense trash by using the F2 to distinguish alloyed targets such as bottle-caps. At my heavily-hunted local beach I “head for the trash” to beat the competiton.