Minelab Equinox Tips: Week 10: “Beyond Meter and Tone.”

Many hunters coming to the Equinox from other types of machine struggle with accuracy.

One reason for this is that they have gotten used to a simple “hear and dig” method that does not work as well with the Equinox. The Equinox features high Gain sensitivity (another word for “juiced up)” and modulated audio. When this means is that small targets may sound bigger and stronger than they are and some larger objects will sound “coin sized.” The solution is to go beyond just the meter and signal tone to look for sets of target characteristics. This involves using the Pinpoint mode and paying more attention to the size, strength and shape of your signals. This only takes an instant but will give your accuracy a big boost. In effect—each of these signal features will confirm the rest and let you be more conclusive in what you chose to dig.

Another element to this kind of target examination is the depth meter.  Where you have a loud signal and a “deep” reading–suspect a small target.  Where you have a faint sound but a shallow depth reading–suspect something too big.

It takes time and practice to get a “feel” for this kind of overall signal feature correlation but this is the way to become more accurate with the Equinox–or any detector.

Where you have a lot of iron—checking targets to see if they are wide or narrow in Pinpoint mode will also help your accuracy–keeping you off the spikes.

As well, use the “cross-sweep” to check signals for consistency.

These three methods will help new Equinox hunters to reduce frustration and spend more time digging treasure. For more information on improving your accuracy with the Minelab Equinox check out my site and blog: