Minelab Equinox Tips: Week 14: Some Basics: Using the “Cross Sweep” and Pinpoint to Increase Your Accuracy

What makes the Minellab Equinox’s learning curve steep is the combination of high Gain, high fq’s in “the mix” and modulated audio. These act together to give the machine good depth but also make small, weak targets sound bigger and fuller. It requires some simple basic skills to get past these distracting “half there” target sounds.

1/ Use the cross-sweep to determine how solid something is. This also tells you about whether or not the target is a good conductor. With a high Gain detector like the Equinox, there is more of a tendency for the machine to respond to differences between the ground and anything else. Things like the ends of spikes, twisted wire and small flat foils will sound solid. These differences are usually dependant upon a specific coil sweep direction. I see quite a few hunters complaining that the NOX is prone to disappearing signals. What they don’t understand is that there never was any substantial metal object there to begin with—something that using the cross sweep would reveal.

2/ Use Pinpoint. Pinpoint mode gives you a more objective look at your signal than does Discriminate. When a signal is peaked and narrow in Pinpoint its much more likely to be a good non-ferrous object.

Pinpoint also tells you how an object stands out from the surrounding ground. A lot of weak foil signals may be loud in Discriminate but have no real strength in Pinpoint.

Pinpoint also lets you correlate your signals. By correlate I mean to look at how the features of a signal “add up.” When you begin to look for “sets” of signal characteristics your accuracy takes a quantum leap. The strength of a signal in Pinpoint should correspond with the depth shown on the meter. A loud sound with a deep meter reading are a dead giveaway for a tiny shallow foil. Correlating your signals let you focus upon solid metal objects. A good way to start learning this skill is—when you get a signal—ask your self “where is this target?”

The “VCO” (variable pitch) feature of Pinpoint mode also gives you a quick read on a target’s size, depth and strength. Combine that with a few coil passes to get an idea of the shape and you have a much better idea of whether or not something is worth digging than just by meter and tone.

These are some of the basic skills that will boost your accuracy with the Minelab Equinox. For more information on developing your treasure finding skills with this great detector check my site and blog at:


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