Saw a new Equinox 800 user asking for some solid basics to get him started.  While these ideas are hardly specific to the Equinox–they apply much more to this type of a high-gain  low-conductor-sensitive machine like the EQ.

-Listen for the more solid, centered responses. Unless you are hunting in dense iron, clipped skewed or broken responses are the machine breaking up on trash. Use a few coil passes to check targets for consistency. When you can “turn” a signal by keeping the sound at a slightly different angle–this means something that’s solid and consistent. As well, use the Pinpoint control to check if a signal is wide (iron) or sharper and narrow (non-ferrous). These simple basics will help you to develop your accuracy better than just random digging based on the audio. Try and develop the habit of using a broad based approach to examining your targets–you will progress faster that way and be surer of what you are digging.

For more information on improving your accuracy with the Minelab Equinox check out my book: “The Minelab Equinox: From Beginner to Advanced.”

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Good Luck! clive