I like this detector’s raw, powerful signal tone.  This combines with its super fast processing to give you a lot of target information–especially in dense iron.  This makes simple basic target tests–like using the cross sweep and pinpoint mode to check signals much more effective.   Its also very deep and gets a lot of stuff at worked out sites just for that reason.  The Anfibio is my dense iron detector of choice and it has come though really well at a local “truck grove” type site that has seen every kind of detector there is.  I set a big gap between the two top tone “bins” so as to be able to hear the deepest turn-of the-century silver coins in amongst the iron.   I decided to create a guide to some of these effective dense iron techniques.  The book is also a detailed general guide to tuning and understanding this versatile machine’s best features.    Anyone who wants to learn more about the Anfibio methods that have worked well for me please take a look at my book:

“Successful Treasure Hunting with the Nokta / Makro Anfibio”  available at this site under “Products.”

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From “worked out” sites.

A few of my Anfibio finds from the dense iron of the “truck grove.”