Equinox Gold Hunting Tips
..use the cross sweep to recognize some of those elongateds. Maybe get some practice in 2 tone–listening for solid, consistent responses. Super prime ground with activity if possible–big numbers. Work on your accuracy and go to the middle…and time…
I would add to that with the Equinox turn it down so the modulation does not make all these flyspecks sound solid and big. I usually run at 19.  Just seems to be more of a balanced signal–at least in salt water.  Let’s you hear everything and still gets great depth.   
Going up to “22” or higher brings up rust, steel and stuff that’s too small (like some of those foils) and just too weak of a signal to be gold.  Just focusing on the conductivity of a signal doesn’t work that well with the Equinox–“where” and “how big is this object” are just as important. Each confirms the others–adding to your accuracy.
You’ll have an easier time of it if you work on your accuracy first–the high settings can come later.