Thought I would post this just to say what worked.  Obviously a ’66 quarter is nothing to run screaming with but here’s how I got it from a new park site.  First I looked for the old-growth trees.  Then I started hunting around them paying attention to the depth meter.  These readings were encouraging–showing targets down at 5″ plus.  The first coin was a newer ’70’s cent at 4-5 ” reading at 43 on the CTX.  This meant I needed to look for slightly deeper signals.  I also sampled around at the bottoms of some hills to get an idea of how much usage the place had seen.  There were mostly penny signals, but these showed some activity from hikers and picnickers.    I settled on one section beside a fire pit that had lots of foils, tabs and cap signals but this meant an activity center–likely with some horseplay.   Amongst these was a 12-46–at 6 to 7″–the quarter.  Mowers had broken some cans so there wasn’t much point in looking for gold responses although were there a defined ball toss or sports area those would be diggable signals–just not  the right kind of activity for gold there.  Hope this run-down is of some value to new hunters.