The term signal balancing is not well understood.  Many think that it just  means turning a detector’s sensitivity down.  This  may  be part of a signal balancing approach  but not usually.  Running a balanced signal means assessing what the conditons require to let you run  higher gain  or sensitivity.  Here’s an  example:  I hunt a “big money”  secton  of beach  in front of a 5 star hotel. Im not the only one who  works  there–many others  work  it almost daily– running the same machine–the Minelab Equinox 800.  This hunt, I decided to pay more attenton to bringing  the  signal  up so that I could go  deeper on the high-interference sloped sidewall.  I wanted to get as deep  as possible at the “elbow”  part of the  grade where  the combination of wave action  and soft sand drove targets deep.  I set the Sensitivity at “23”.  Usually this would be noisy but I also  brought the discrimination and first tone break up to “2.”

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This these high settings have the  possiblity  of missing chains–that was not what I was after at that moment.   With signal balancing we are mediating the relationship  between  ground and  targets using the complete array of  a detectors features.  I also worked with the  recovery  speed to  hear an effective  threshold tone–one  that was  not so fast as to “clip” respnses, but fast enouugh to  let responses stand  out well from the background noise.  In some conditons the frequency weighting  could be used to accomplish this too.  This  made  the high sensitivity as effective as possible.   I then worked to adjust my sweep  speed to maintain  this  perfect balance.  After digging quite a few junk and coin  targets I got a short, clean response which jjust barely repeated.   After  3 or 4 digs up  came a massive, heavy band.  Based upon the length of  my scoop I wouldestimate that it was 18″ down. The bright “orange peel” gold color showed  that it was definatly  18  karat or better.  It had been there so long that there was a light “dusty” look to the gold.  This 15.2 gram 19K Portugese band was one of the year’s best finds–one  that local pros had been walking over for months.  Signal balancing lets you get the best perfomance  from any detector and  hear your targets better in  order  to have a better idea of  what they  are.  For more information on getting the best performance from  the Equinox series or Minelab  Manticore metal detectors check out my books on these great detectors:

Good Luck, clive

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