Skill Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors

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By Clive James Clynick

Clive James Clynick is the author of some 24 previous treasure hunting “how-to” books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative book, he explains how understanding the Equinox’s operating characteristics and features can help you to find more treasure at park, relic and beach sites. Topics include:

  • Dense Iron Methods and Skill Building
  • Walk First. How Small Skills Add Up to Accuracy
  • Managing the Heavily Processed, Modulated Signal
  • Understanding and Managing the Power Curve
  • Beyond Meter and Tone
  • Accuracy and Conclusiveness
  • Salt Water Stabilization and Depth Tips from Top Hunters
  • Signal Balancing the Equinox for More Depth
  • ‘Micro’ Gold and Chain Hunting
  • Understanding the Upgrades

…and much more…

(8.5 X 5.5, softbound 120 pages)


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23 reviews for Skill Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors

  1. cheffaz

    Clive has once again brought informative knowledge to book form!
    This book goes into further detail about the Equinox machine. Clive’s book is a must for users of the Equinox. I highly recommend reading this book. Beginners to advanced users will find valuable information in this latest book.

  2. Clive

    I got mine last week, interesting reading. Clive thanks a great book.

  3. Clive

    …the Equinox which has proven to be a very capable competitor in the industry.
    Quite frankly I am incredibly impressed with it. All of my friends have them and have been using them to great effect.
    They are quick, easy to use and super light to swing. One thing I find incredibly helpful is finding information to help me better my chances at finding history and exciting finds from my machine. And I’m talking about detecting in general!
    In my busy life it’s hard to put the time in to break my machine’s processing down to understand it fully.
    This is where I have found Clive Clynick’s publications most valuable in improving my chances and also thought processing with these machines. I have taken his advice and use it on various machines in our arsenal to great effect. His latest and greatest book has proven to be a cracker!
    And I would say a step up from his last, which continues to give me a new and fresh look at my machines every time I invest time in reading it.
    His approach is out of the box, scientific and extremely logical in breaking down the fundamental’s of how these machines work, coincide with our environment and especially work in with the end user.
    I would highly recommend checking out his latest publication which continues to work wonders with my detection processing even down to the way I study my environment. Well done Clive Clynick on another wonderful publication which I feel will give people the edge they need to save time and frustration in their wonderful hobby.
    Craig Drew
    (Ozzy Metal Detecting Group)

  4. Clive

    Skill building with the Equinox detector is a must have book suited for those wishing to build upon their beach and inland detecting skill base.
    I find that it is well suited for Australian conditions and especially like “Chris’s Undertune Program” using this setup to glide through our mineralised Aussie beaches. The secret of a one line rejection between ferrous and non-ferrous is brilliant.
    Clive has put together a must have resource that unlocks the secrets of the Equinox enhancing the skills level for beginners and seasoned hunters alike.
    R.P. AUS

  5. Clive

    Clive Clinick has attempted and to a remarkable degree succeeded in making the first comprehensive survey of the Equinox’s complex behavior. This is a remarkable feat. The book is a thorough guide to discovering, understanding, and mastering all of the Equinox’s capabilities, features, behaviours, quirks– and faults. And, I have to stress, being primarily a beach hunter myself, that Clive particularly delves into the secrets of pulling gold out of saltwater beaches with the Equinox. No, the book isn’t about reading beaches, or beach tactics. It’s about thoroughly exploiting the Equinox’s unique capacity for capturing signals from good targets in any bad conditions. And to get the best out of the Equinox can require a bit of tuning, and Clive is our guide on how to do that. The Equinox can deliver the gold and silver that’s under the coil, even in conditions that defeat other machines. However, don’t assume you are going to know all about your Equinox after you’ve finished reading this book. To really put this volume fully to work for you, there is some experimentation, (for your conditions and targets sought) that Clive suggests. And this is how we attain greater Equinox “literacy”; the ability to tune read and understand the machine, to find and id targets in the ground. But…even if you don’t adapt Clive’s model for testing, just learning what Clive has to say about the settings and how they interact with each other and with targets should help take your game to a higher level.
    Clive also cites some useful techniques, and tactics, that you can try to improve your score. I have to confess, I am largely a seat of the pants kind of detectorist. I may be wrong, but I think most of us are. Most of us are maybe going to do a little air-testing with a few targets to see how many inches it can detect a quarter at, or to see what TID different gold rings register. I won’t kid you…this book is a little bit challenging and takes time to digest. It took me some time; I had to look up a few terms; I needed to read some parts more than once. I suggest taking your time, keeping your machine and various targets handy and test, test, test. Essentially you should approach this book as play; enjoy it–and play with the machine–using the book. My purpose in reading this book, was to become the Terror of the Beach; other detectorists would see me arrive, and quit in disgust realizing I was going to clean their clocks. I’ve read the book, I’ve been using some things I learned…and other hunters aren’t fleeing the beach yet. Oh, well. Honestly, Clive never claimed that would happen, so I’m going to have to be content with gaining confidence in my target reading, and confidence in my operation of the machine.
    I now have more tools to continue expanding my skills with the Equinox. I’m pretty darn happy with this book. If you use an Equinox, you should get it, too.
    LG , FL

  6. Clive

    I am only 10 pages into your new book and have to say for a person with just 15 months detecting experience this is Gold. This is what I’ve been looking for to take my understanding of detecting and the Equinox forward .
    Thanks Anthony

  7. Clive

    Clive’s book explains that there are no magic settings that will work at every location, what works in one location will not work so well in another. This book explains in great detail the Equinox’s strengths and versatility. It offers many tips for various conditions including, but not limited to problem sites and will help you develop the kind of skills needed to fully understand what the Equinox is telling you, which will put more finds in your pouch. This book builds on Clive’s first two book on the Equinox, “The Minelab Equinox: From beginning to advanced”, and “The Minelab Equinox: An advanced guide”. If you are ready to improve your basic skills set and fully understand and effectively use the capabilities of this versatile machine, I highly recommend reading this book.

  8. Clive

    Already bought mine Clive ?? fantastic and jam packed of information.

  9. Clive

    Great book..a must have for every equinox user wanting to increase their high value targets..thanks for sharing your knowledge Clive..have all your books.

  10. Clive

    His books will make you a more efficient treasure Hunter. Saves you a ton of time learning the machine.

  11. Clive

    Your latest Equinox book explains why I was having such mixed results with the 800. I was jumping around trying this and that and probably most of the time I had the 800 running unbalanced. I think this book will be the most useful books to newbies and detectorists coming from other detectors like me coming from the AT Pro. AT pro was/is a good detector and pretty much was easy to use. But my jumping from the AT pro thinking the 800 was just a better detector than the AT Pro and that all those adjustable features would be the holy grail of detecting just did not work out that way for me. It was actually worse than the AT Pro for me because I kept playing with all those features and not really understanding the physics behind those features. Thus not really knowing how to achieve a balanced detector I am now reading your book the second time slowly to really understand what you are saying in the book.

  12. Clive

    Review of Clive Cylick third Equinox book – “Skill-Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors.

    I think this is the best book in his Equinox series. It is written for a large group of new Equinox users. It is not written for very experience users of other Minelab products or the Equinox experts and there are a few of those experts around.t is written for and I think most helpful for the newbie who bought the Equinox 600 or 800 and experienced detectorists coming from other non-Minelab machines. The total newbies to metal detecting should buy a good beginners metal detecting book and all three of Clive’s Equinox books.

    The book is packed with information that for me told me two major things: 1) why I was not getting the performance out of my Equinox that others were reporting and 2) how to make the Equinox do what I need it to do to perform at a level it was design to perform.

    I am not going into a lot of detail because that would be like quoting everything in the book.

    I will tell you I learned what my biggest problem was with me and my 800. By playing around with all of the features without not truly understanding the physics behind most of the settings I was operating with a detector that was often greatly de-tuned or not balanced. A balanced Equinox means selecting the proper modes for your type of hunting and small settings adjustments to make the 800 a little more balanced.

    The Equinox engineers made the different modes for park, field, beach and gold very balanced. In most cases just using the default mode best for your type of hunting will serve you will. Only until you truly understand the settings and how to effectively use them you should leave them alone. This is why just copying other detectorist’s settings will get you into trouble. Their settings are for their environment, not yours.

    Keeping in mind that sensitivity (gain), recovery speed, and iron bias all affect each other. So, you really need to make small adjustments of all in a manner that none or many of these adjustments cause an unbalanced detector.

    Sounds complicated? Yes it is. But it becomes a lot less complicated after reading Clive’s third Equinox book carefully. The book is packed full of information on the above topics. I was surprised to learn that even the detector’s volume level affects your ability to hear deep targets and not buy turning up the volume which is what most of us would think to do.

    I recommend all three of Clive’s books for the novice as well as a good metal detecting beginners book.

  13. Clive

    I consider this book a must and rate it five stars. Learnt so much about my 800. Thanks Clive.
    RP AUS

  14. Clive

    I used to ask for different settings from people on the metal detecting forums before I read Clive’s 3rd and best book on the Equinox. That explained why my 800 results were so erratic. Some days it would work well other days it would not. FINALLY I learned what settings were really for and understood them and had no need of anybody telling me their settings. I knew what settings I needed for each hunt situation. And guess what they were just minor tweaks from the default mode that best fitted my hunt location. I use his 3rd skill book for the equinox as a great reference. It is packed with solid info on the 800 that a lot of struggling 800 users need. The 800 is a really hot machine and it can see darn near everything below your coil. So you must learn how to use the 800 to tame it.

  15. Clive

    I purchased Clive’s SKILL BUILDING WITH THE MINELAB EQUINOX SERIES. I didn’t realize where the book was coming from so shipping took a little longer than I thought. When I reached to Clive he was very fast in responding and let me know it had shipped the day after I ordered it but it was coming from Canada into the US so it’s not going to get there overnight. I always REALLY appreciate such fast responses, it’s a sign of fantastic customer service.

    The book itself is incredible. ONLY BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW YOUR DETECTOR INSIDE AND OUT! Clive is detailed and his experience and knowledge is very evident. Thank you for the great publication. If I buy another detector that you have a book on I will be immediately purchasing it!

    Joshua – Equinox 800/Garrett ATX/Whites Spectra V3i

  16. Clive

    I would definitely say that Clives 2 books offer more than instructions on how to use the Equinox. He offers insight on how the detector can be utilized to maximize your success in maximizing its capabilities. I have almost all of his books and have been very successful in the field and on on the beach utilizing his advice and experiences!

  17. Clive

    Excellent Read. Helped me a lot with my 800.

  18. Clive

    Great little manual for out in the field , comprehensive.

  19. Clive

    This is a book you will have to read, practice and maybe even re-read certain areas. There is no fluff in this book. It is all hardcore useful information for the Equinox user.

  20. Clive

    G’day Clive Clynick I own your Equinox series and they are a fabulous read. I recommend any new comers, at the very least, scroll through your selection of books and buy the one that relates to your detector of choice.

  21. Clive

    I bought these handy books from Clive, and I to am in Australia. Well worth the cost of international postage.

  22. Clive

    These books have saved me hours and hours of trial and error learning the equinox 800.

  23. Clive

    I have all the Nox books from Clive Clynick and I Highly Recommended them!

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