“The Minelab Equinox: From Beginner to Advanced” (Readers Write…)

Reader Feedback “The Minelab Equinox: From Beginner to Advanced” by Clive James Clynick (2018)

Received the book. Excellent information within! Great for beginning with the Nox, as well as advanced settings and techniques for experienced users.


Great reference that I will refer to often. Very in-depth on the capabilities and functions of the Equinox line. Pleased with this purchase!! Recommended for all Equinox users, and potential buyers.

Brilliant book well worth getting it gives you a better understanding of the machine than the manual alone.

Clive, enjoying the hell out of your book. It is a must have for any Equinox hunter. $ well spent, thank you Sir.

Very informative. I would highly recommend.

Clive! Received the book. That was quick shipping thanks. Excellent read and informative. This will truly help.
Best of luck!


Clive, I have you’re manual & I read it over & over & learn more each time. Nicely done sir.


After reading your book I concentrated much more on the sound quality of targets. I very quickly started to understand which sounds to dig. Have found several ancient coins already.

Highly recommend Clive’s book on the Nox. Very informative and helpful. Thanks!