Full Kit


Interchangable coils for the Minelab Sovereign / Minelab Excalibur.  I’ve heard a lot of good things from top hunters about how stable the “blue tubes” Excaliburs are–especially for use with big coils. John at Minelab did a great job refurbishing this one for me that now has w/p connectors (Bulgin Mini Bucanneer)  to run all three coils (Coiltek WOT, M/L 800 and 1000) and an Ikalite jack to take interchangeable phones (“Mr. Goldmasters,” “Redheads” and “Grey Ghosts”). The coils will also go on the Minelab Sovereign X2–another very stable machine that will have the Sunray DT3 meter–a great edge set-up. I think it’s important to be versatile and not only is the WOT coil great for coverage but the 800 is very good on chains and other small stuff. Where I need extreme depth I go to the White’s Dual Field, Goldquest Aquasearch or Anchor Electronics Baraccuda.  (Single click to bring up the picture).  If anyone is interested in the order sheet and detailed instructions on how to install and safely run this connector shoot me a note.