A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend

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Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous

articles and product reviews.  Topics include:

  • Customizing the Legend for Your Sites and Type of Hunting.

  • Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Find More.”

  • Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites.

  • Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills.

  • Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors .

  • Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets.

  • The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine.

  • Understanding and Using the v.1.08 Updates’s Key Performance Features. 

…and Much More…

(Softbound, 101 pgs).


2 reviews for A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend

  1. Clive

    A few weeks ago, I received Clive Clynick’s new book Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta/Makro Legend.
    Perfect for beginners that just bought a Legend who has found the owner’s manual a bit overwhelming with all the feature’s and settings.
    Clive’s book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn….
    Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.
    Great refresher course for seasoned detectorists.
    Reading Clive’s book also reinforces my findings using the Legend.

    I have read several of Clive’s and they are also very helpful and top notch.
    Sven Stau
    Notka / Makro Canada Facebook Group

  2. Clive

    Jam packed with tons of good info!!

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