50 Grams total–Russian chain is 14k pendant 18k 20 grams, the other pendant is 18k and the rest is 14k–largest band at center is 7.9 gr.  Did a lot of work with the CTX 3030 and tested a few pulses.  The CTX is a strong salt water performer–it was hitting small tabs down over 12″ using Andy’s Beach and (a modded) Jay’s Gold–my two standards.  The two P2’s are great for open, low interference ground–Jay’s being a bit smoother with more rejection at the bottom.   Also a couple of Ray Bans, and one set of Coach glasses (not shown)–about $100 each.  As much as I like my pulse machines, the CTX 3030 gave me an edge over the locals-allowing me to use my time well and stay on the clean, prime low conductor signals.  There just weren’t the deep sand / changing grade conditions that make pulse hunting effective.   At one point I was hunting a resort and realized that a main entry path on shore was way over at one end–where there were not even any chairs on the beach.  Going over there got me the 7.9 gram band.