Picture 004XXThese are some local gold finds made with the Minelab Excalibur, Minelab Sovereign and a Whites Dual Field modded by my friend Bill Lahr that runs at 12 uSc. It’s one of the best optimised detectors I’ve ever used also has a great faint range. The conditions have been poor this year and I’ve had to really focus on the low ground. I did three big rings last weekend (big topaz ring is 18K 13 grams and the 12 gram, 10K class ring) by monitering a trench that was forming over several days. It spat up dimes, then keys, then silver dimes and finally gold. The band in the middle is platinum 13.7 gr. The diamond ring next the topaz is .50 pts and appraised at $3850. The small ring with the diamond is 22k.