Some gold from a couple of hunts running “Gold 2” in high trash areas.

This is an excellent mode (G2) for using the Equinox’s speed and bias to pick out clean metal amongst alloys and iron. I run it with some disc (to +6) to stabilize and use the cross sweep to determine how an object relates to the surrounding ground.  (This disc setting is more of a practice mode and can be taken down to “1” to give a smaller gold focus if there’s not too much foil). With some meter skills and ear practice–it’s probably the most accurate consistency checker method of any detector I’ve used. Certainly the best cap ID method for the Equinox.  With this system–I head for the worst trash infested area of the beach to make good use of this accuracy.   If you try this be sure to turn the vol. down a bit.  I’ve given more detailed instructions on how to operate this system in “The Minelab Equinox: An Advanced Guide.” 

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