A very hard week in the water against some very tough competition.    I used some of the methods described in my new book: “Water Hunting Secrets of the Pros: Volume 11”-assessing the sites fully and determining when it was necessary to cover ground, get depth with my pulse machines (Dual Field, CS6PI), or pick though trash and iron with the CTX.  Like I’ve heard some of the best hunters say–“do what others can’t–or won’t.”  I focused upon keeping an eye on the spots with big numbers in the water as well as those places where there are periodic strip-outs and grade changes.   I like to work the high interference areas (slopes) with lowered settings and the depth of water where people start to swim.  The best band in the middle is 18k, 11.4 gr. (guessed it at 11.5!) with a few others in the 7 gram range (front row all 18k, second 14).  Wish I had detected the teeny chain (4.3 gr. 14k) actually spotted it hanging from the basket digging a coin, and the big earring was in with a spike.  Biggest 14k band is the white one 7.6 gr.   Total 61 grams $2400  CDN.  Also an Apple watch that might be salvageable.  clivesgoldpage.com