Minelab Equinox Tips of the Week # 9:Getting More Depth and Target Information by Using “Horseshoe” mode.

The Minelab Equinox’s “Horseshoe” All Metal setting is a handy feature that lets you get more depth—although it’s necessary to moderate the added noise. Running in All Metal lets you pick targets out of iron better, but at the same time more “borderline” objects (such as steel) are brought up to sound better than they are. Try alternating between Disc and All Metal to get a better idea of how solid something is and how much of the signal is ferrous. Steel and other objects that straddle the non-ferrous / ferrous boundary will be more obvious using this test. Look for signals where the above zero numbers and non-ferrous tone dominate.

There is a lot of information in how a signal relates to the surrounding ground. When an object is corroded or rusted, the machine struggles to produce a distinct tone. With “Horseshoe” mode “on” more of this information is available.  As a gold hunter, I use this setting to hear how distinct from the ground something is–indicating a good, clean conductor.  A good way to put it is that with practice you can learn to make very .accurate (iron / non-iron) classifiactions.

Also, where you have something that’s the machine is responding to only part of–such as big iron or twisted wire you can use this setting to hear the “whole” signal–and  better idea of what the target is.

For more information on developing your accuracy with the Minelab Equinox check out my book:

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