Anyone travelling to detect with the Equinox should bring the following:

1/ A very light emery cloth. (A pencil eraser has also been suggested to me although I’ve not tried this).

2/ A good quality contact spray.

When I went to charge my machine–there was no green charge light.  I’ve also had the problem of it not completing properly–ie. light continues to flash.  Look for the following:

1/ Iron filings on the magnetic contacts interfering with the charge.  These can be on either side–machine or cable.

2/ Green ferrigris on one or more of the charge points.  I sprayed this with an “okay” points cleaner and hit it with a wire brush–still no charge light. It was only when I actually sanded the points with the emery cloth and hit it with some “Deoxit Gold” that it began to charge.  The way to use any of these products is to apply, flick power through the connection for a second–then re-coat.  You may need to do this several times.

Especially when you have hunted in salt water–these points develop a film of oxidization on them–completely blocking any current flow.

My CTX coils do the same thing–looks dead until you get some spray on it.


Note the iron buildup on the charger’s magnetic contact. On the machine side the contact points can also oxidize.