Thought I would put up a picture of this great custom scoop that Chuck from Sunspot Tooling made for me.  It’s a 720i, extreme angle with an aluminum / wood travel handle and a Stout’s Backsaver grip.  This scoop has gotten me a lot of gold –even in digs that others have given up on.  You can stand on it straight up and down so it digs in river stones and broken coral.  In fast current you can shove it underneath a target and lever it up fast as you are being pulled past.  Just the basket size is a huge plus too as I frequently have to dig four or five times to retrieve a target.  A scoop like this is especially important if you want to use a deep search machine like the White’s Dual Field or the Minelab CTX 3030 / 17″ coil.   The lanyard lets me work up to 8 feet of water by jumping up on the scoop without loosing hold of it.  I can also drag instead of carrying–with the cord over my shoulder.