Some Silver with the Legend
There are guys up here who specialize in hunting in the woods. They find a ton of silver by doing detailed research and knowing what to look for in the forest. I spotted some old trees beside a river and decided to give it a try. The Legend is just a superb detector for this kind of hunting because of how much audio information it gives you. It’s also very smooth in the junk–even in All Metal. I ran in “Field” mode, Low Weighting (M1) and 6 Tones audio. Where you have a lot of too big targets (wire, big foils, tins…) its important to listen to the signal tone. I was able to hear those responses that were too big–even in discriminate.
Checking these in Pinpoint mode told me which ones were too wide and flat to be of interest. When using a machine with segmented audio (6 Tones for example) it’s important to be able to tell which high responses are coin sized and which are too big. Other targets were transitioning from high to mid tones–not what I was after. A few larger food package type foils told me that I was in an old picnic area. I got a clean high tone that read up in the low “50”s”. It was narrow in Pinpoint and checked on the cross sweep–bingo–silver ring. Now this might not be such a great find in open park ground but the Legend let me zero in in this high potential target in the middle of the woods, in an area full of big foils, cans, beer and screwcaps. This is a very well made and well thought out detector. I especially like the smoothness, separation and audio tone. Can’t wait to see what the next upgrade will do.