W/P TDI Pro: Great deep pulse but it could be more stable–especially in fast salt water.  Really, its me that has a lot to learn with this one.  Great to have a waterproof machine that’s gold field capable.t’s

Goldquest Aquasearch:  An old standby that has great optimisation.  The tune-albe SAT is also good on hills or interference zones.

Cuda:  Jimmy Pugh’s machine is probably my overall favorite just because it’s nimble, deep and has superb optimization and depth.

White’s Dual Field: Found a lot with these too–deep and with nice audio.  The coil size can be a problem in black sand but it has enough sensitivity to get chains too.

Minelab CTX3030:  You can’t get a better “cherry-picker” for hunting gold in the water than the CTX.  Could be better in fresh water black sand but in salt the stability, depth and accuracy make it a great workhorse for covering trash-laden sites fast and not getting bogged down on the junk.