A very hard week–ran the CTX3030, the Whites Dual Field, and the CS6PI.  Fought the seas hard for every one of these–my “coach” Roland was impressed.  Extreme sanded in conditions–had to really look around for any decent ground to work. 6 Got a Cartier band, 7.2 gr, a PT band 14.3 gr.  a 14k,  7.9 gr. signet at left, and in the middle a 14k  7.7 gr. band and a 4 gram 18k ring with .30 rock at right.  Total 1.86 oz.  I’m counting the Cartier band by weight only–seeing them for $795. on Ebay but it need to be cleaned and authenticated.  Learning a few more things about when to run the CTX open or closed.  Got the PT band on a hill–high interference zone–I think running Andy’s Beach prog helped because of the beach mode type rejects.  Drayton’s prog works well for this too–both cut out the bottom end seabed noise.  DF went down at least 20″ on one band it sounded like a dime on the surface–great “bread and butter” pulse machine with it’s fidelity and super depth.