My new book is an advanced guide aimed at helping the serious shoreline treasure hunter to fully understand the sites you hunt and become more versatile,  accurate and effective in your methods.
“Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros: Volume 11”
Clive James Clynick is the author of some 18 previous detecting books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative guide he shares tips, tricks and secrets of top hunters including Caribbean pro Roland “The King” Dalcourt.  Topics include:
•    Developing Your “Treasure Awareness.”
•    Discovering and Applying Your Machine’s Strengths and Capabilities.
•    Advanced Shoreline Site Analysis: Grades, Strata and Classification
•    Roland “The King” Dalcourt: What Makes a Top Pro?
•    Understanding and Applying “Wide Net / Narrow Mesh”
•    Anatomy of a Site ”Breakthrough”
•    From Observation to Action
•    Combining Tools, Skills and Methods.
•    Skill-Building, Adaptability and Versatility
…and much more…
$16.95, Softbound.8.5 X 5.5,, 101 pgs.