3 Minelab Manticore Tips

1/ Where you are having trouble stabilizing the  unit—go to one of  the modes  that has a  lower frequency weighting.  (A/T High Conductors, A/T Trash Reject, Beach General).  These are more stable. They also work well at bringing up targets  in heavy soils or dense sand. Higher weighted modes are more volatile and noisy. The Manticore has the advantage of providing good detection of all types of targets on any of the available frequency weightings.  These low frequency weightings also act as a kind  of a low-level discriminate control in  that those targets which  are  mixed with  the ground’s signal (tin, steel, very  light foils, anything corroded) are pushed  down to not sound off as well.

A few Manticore finds…

2/ Beach Deep and Beach Low Conductors  are both very  deep  search  modes but lack stability around the water’s edge. To get used to how the Manticore responds to  salt  water moving over the coil—try  using one of  these modes and bring the  coil into  the water.  Notice how the signal tone mutes slightly.  This means that the machine is losing depth. So when you are setting the machine up around salt water listen for this muting effect—its a cue to lower your Sensitivity or try a faster Recovery Speed.  In that these two modes are very deep it’s worth experimenting to find ways to run them at the water’s edge or even in a light salt environment.

3/ Where you are having problems running higher Sensitivity settings around salt water you also have the option  of  adding a  small  amount of rejection (one or two increments).  This forces the signal  to “assign” on one side  of this  reject block  or the other—making for more stable audio. At the same time this  “1-2” zone is where  thin chains respond.  It’s a tradeoff—depending on how important it is to you to run higher  Sensitivity at that location.   A good “all purpose” Sensitivity setting for salt is “22” although by muting  the  signal  a bit with more Ferrous  Limits “bordering” it’s possible to settle the audio  down and run the Manticore higher.

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