The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V.620.0+73)

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Clive James Clynick has been finding gold, silver, coins and relics with a metal detector for over 40 years.  He is the author of some 26 “how to” books and numerous articles for the serious treasure hunter. Topics include:

  •  Getting the Most From the Manticore’s Power.
  •  Creating Custom Settings for Your Sites and Hunting Style.
  •  Understanding the Manticore’s Graph and Expanded Meter.
  •  Understanding the Audio Options.
  •  Deep Silver Skills: Spikes, False Signals and “Masked” Targets.
  •  Using Basic Skills to Enhance the Manticore’s Target ID Features.
  •  Working on Your Accuracy and Conclusiveness.
  •  The Manticore as a Gold Jewellery Hunting Machine.
  •  Pro-Level Testing and Tuning Methods.

…and much more…

($16.95, Softbound, 108 pgs)

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13 reviews for The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V.620.0+73)

  1. Clive


    I just received Clive’s book yesterday! It’s exactly what I was hoping it would be. Very insightful, especially if you hunt
    gold jewelry.

  2. Clive


    If you own the Manicore, I highly recommend reading this book. As a beach hunter it gave me a better understanding of the Manicore’s sensitivity set up and by how adjusting other settings allows for a more stable machine with higher settings.
    RP, AUS

  3. Clive


    Awesome info In this Book & Also Very detailed –a good addition to the Tool Box, im very pleased w my purchase.

  4. Clive


    Lots of good useful information in this book.

  5. Clive


    For anyone trying to figure out the Manticore, this is a must read. Clive really understands the ins and outs of detectors, and goes into great depth on what you could be doing to eliminate trash and find the good stuff. Get this book, read it, read it again, and stop wasting time digging so much trash!

  6. Clive


    Well worth the money, I have read my copy a number of times and it really has helped me get the most out of the Manicore and getting it to perform in a manner that suits me either in the bush or in salt water at beaches. Well done and thanks Clive.

  7. Clive


    Clive is good about discovering the little details about each machine and communicating that knowledge in an easy to read and understandable way. You will gain a year’s worth of messing around with your machine in one reading of his books.

  8. Clive


    Great book Clive Clynick–a real eye opener on the machines potential.

  9. Clive


    It’s a great book full of information!

  10. Clive


    Incredible resource, I have the manticore and the nox 800 books.
    Highly recommend!!
    Thank you Clive

  11. Clive


    I bought your Book on thé Manticore and confirmed quite a few things but i also learned a few things too. Well worth thé money,even if i did have to ship it hère to France.

  12. Clive


    This and all of Clive’s books are MUST HAVES!

  13. Clive


    Tons of good information here–thank you, Clive.

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