Clive’s books are a treasure trove of information! They open up a whole new dimension to the Equinox. I have all of them.

..a review…
…the two nox books are just what the new nox owner needs. I got my nox back in march 2018 and feel only now that I now how to get the most out of the machine. Don’t get me wrong. On the first day you can put it in park 1/2 or field 1/2 or beach or gold and just start hunting. But to truly get the most out of the machine you need to really study how to use all these new features and put them to use for your type of hunting.

His books were a great help to me. I have read both books twice. Once before really using the nox and the second time after I had about 50 hours on the machine. Learned more on the second reading. MK


I directly attribute my success at consistently finding gold to one of Clive’s books.


I’ve got 6 of Clive’s books. They’ve got some good info in them, helped me a lot when learning to use a PI on the beaches. The Equinox books are good too, he goes way beyond the basic adjustments.


I consider myself reasonably proficient, but if I can learn something that makes a difference in finding even one more gold ring or silver coin then the cost of this book is well worth it.

I have many of Clive’s books and always find them very readable and quite worthwhile.


Thanks kindly, guys!