9/ Using Gold “Checkers”

You could say that the preceding information about:

  • -the target acquisition properties of Automatic Sensitivity.
  • -how closed screen programs need a delicate sweep.


  • how not all target sounds on the CTX represent the total object that’s under the coil.

are cautions –required reading before you begin to accurately and effectively use “gold checkers.”

That said; these kinds of screens can save a lot of useless digging on signals that have no chance whatsoever of being gold.  All that’s required is a simple flick-over to a P1 or “User Button / Previous Mode” setup.  While there’s nothing wrong with the thoroughness of open screen digging, in some situations using “checkers” can be very effective. This may relate to your physical situation and the need to use time effectively and select responses to dig well:

  • -rough water where target digging is difficult. (Easy to lose signals and time consuming to re-acquire them).
  • -hunting in the dark.
  • -deep water where target recovery is slow or even risky.
  • -hunting in the weeds where digging is slow.
  • -hunting in coral chunks or river stones were digging is slow and difficult.
  • -ground where there are multiple signals–many of which are very similar to gold–such as rusted mid -conductor coins. I’ve worked sites where you could dig these for days and never get any gold and even to be able to knock out some of them constitutes a big plus.

10/ Setting up a Gold “Checker” with the CTX’s User Button

While hunting in your normal mode, select the program you wish to use as a checker.  Then return to the first search mode.  Press and hold the “User” button at right.  Scroll down the list to” Previous Mode.” Now when you press the “User” button the machine will switch between your current and last mode.

Another way to accomplish this is to go to your second preferred mode when you switch off.  Then when you resume hunting, move over to your first mode—then your second mode will be available through the “User” button.  This gives you access to four search modes—the P1 and P2 of each of the two.

From: “The Minelab CTX Gold Hunter’s Guide” (2018)

A Cartier band found with the CTX 3030 using a”gold checker” system.  These work well where you have a lot of low conductor targets that are similar to gold but not consistent signals.