mercMacro Racer Tips

Wouldn’t have given much for what I though was left in this section of park but the Makro Racer came though. Won’t name names but I have worked it very hard many times.  Makro Racer Tips:  Really getting some accuracy now by:
-looking for targets that have something left on the cross-sweep or even a lessor angle. Probably missing a few this way but it’s working for now.
-staying off the “94’s”(when silver hunting) something corroded or with steel although a closely masked silver or a copper coin is possible.
-nice narrow all-metal (PP) tone–fainter the better. If it ratchets down to a clipped sound it is likely too big.
-initial tone with good extension.
Merc came right up to “90” whereas the coppers stay down at “84/5/6” (although not all silver does).
Merc’s a ’43 and a Canadian 36 nickel.