The Minelab Manticore is a beach gold hunters dream.  It has great depth in both fresh and salt water and offers you a wide range of overall settings, audio options and frequency weightings to suit your beach hunting preferences.  It’s important to learn what this machines features do and how to match what your conditions demand. I favour low weighted settings.  These saturate and penetrate tough ground more thoroughly and let you run higher Sensitivity settings.  Its also important to understand how your Ferrous Limits and discriminate settings act to hinder the signal reducing depth and separation. The Minelab Manticore also has very strong signal processing.  This translates into very accurate audio.  Where you hear a “”peaked” sounding tone–this is something that is  distinct from the surrounding ground.  Gold does  not corrode and therefore is very distinct from the ground compared to say–a rusted bottle-cap.  So you could say that as a gold-hunter, you are looking for signals that conduct well.

By using the Manticore’s accuracy, I try to narrow down my digs to mostly  aluminum.  Many hunters think that they are looking for gold but don’t use their machines accurately and dig up targets that aren’t even like gold in how they conduct the signal.  Use the Manticore’s coil to examine your targets for consistency.  Vary your coil  passes  and check your signals  on the cross  sweep  to see how they “stay in.”  This is  they way to focuss in high quality signals even in very dense junk.  In fact where there are heavily hunted conditons, I head for the most dense trash areas to  use the accuracy advantages that the Manticore gives me.  I find those signals  that “dig everything” hunters have very little chance of  finding because of  the sheer target numbers. Here’s a picture of my best Manticore find so far–a .75 ct. diamond solatire ring.  I found it in an area worked daily by professional hunters.  This area  had a lot of  small iron targets which these hunters–even though they  were using the Equinox–had no way conclusive of recognizing.  The Minelab Manticore’s graph let me zero in on the best signals among this iron.

These  are some of the methods that have helped  me to make big finds  at the beach with the Minelab Manticore metal detector.

For more information  on understanding getting results  with the Minelab Manticore metal detector check out the reviews of my new book:

“The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks  and Settings”

The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V.620.0+73)