Decided to take the Minelab Manticore out for a late season one hour hunt at a heavily worked beach. This was a land hunt and I focussed on those areas which were not the actual beachfront but back where beachgoers would be getting sorted for the walk to the parking. A good place to look for is the “middle” of where this bundling and packing activity takes place. In heavy mineralised ground Im moving towards the lower weighted settings–such as All Terrain HIgh Trash. This kind of weighting brings up the cleaner signals and allows for higher Sensitivity settings. I also used Neil Jones’s “Freestyle” Ferrous LImits grid and audio set up. This also adds low range rejection and audio filtering. I got a deep high tone with 90’s VDI and up came a Tiffany 925 “1837” ring. Not a bad new value on these $295 CDN. Always great to get something off season after everyone else has given up.
What’s great about thie Minelab Manticore is that you can “mix and match” frequency  weightings, Ferrous Limits (Bias) Discriminate grids, and run a wide variety of audio options.
For more information on getting results with the Minelab Manticore metal detector check out my new book:
“The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings”
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