A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend v.1.10 (beta)

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Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous

articles and product reviews.  Topics include:

  • Customizing the Legend for Your Sites and Type of Hunting.

  • Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Find More.”

  • Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites.

  • Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills.

  • Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors .

  • Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets.

  • The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine.

  • Understanding and Using the v. 1.09 and v.1.10 Updates. 

…and Much More…

(Softbound, 101 pgs).


28 reviews for A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend v.1.10 (beta)

  1. Clive


    Clive’s book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn….
    Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.
    Great refresher course for seasoned detectorists.
    Reading Clive’s book also reinforces my findings using the Legend.
    I have read several of Clive’s and they are also very helpful and top notch.
    Sven Stau
    Notka / Makro Canada Facebook Group

  2. Clive


    Jam packed with tons of good info!!

  3. Clive


    Clive has a wealth of knowledge which he has willingly shared with us. The info in this book shortens the learning curve 10 fold for the legend. As you read it , you don’t only just get to know how to use the legend , but learn to how and why settings will work in certain circumstances.

    Not just for the beginner but in depth enough for the veteran Detectorist.

    Invaluable reference book for any Legend user!
    LD, UK

  4. Clive


    Hey Clive, how are you? So, I bought your book on the Legend. It’s a great resource. I’ve read it twice already because I’m still learning some of the terms and taking all the info in bits at a time.

  5. Clive


    I just got your book today and both my husband and I were really impressed with how you broke down each setting and feature and described real world settings where each is best used! Thank you!

  6. Clive


    I have this book and it is great. Helped me to learn my detector and I refer to it time to time to remind myself of things…

  7. Clive


    Some great info in there Clive, it’s already changed the way I hunt and I still have just under half of the book to read. Much appreciated ?

  8. Clive


    Great read, thanks Clive!

  9. Clive


    I bought this book and for me it has been bloody brilliant.

  10. Clive


    Brilliant book.

  11. Clive


    “A great read must have guidebook. Thanks Clive

  12. Clive


    I’ve just finished reading Clives book.
    If you want to improve your catch rate with the Nokta get his book. I struggled to find small silvers. Not any more. The detecting techniques and insight into understanding the Legend has helped me find much more than before, especially on previously covered ground.
    Thanks Clive.

  13. Clive


    Clive Clynick , ran your silver program today with the 15.5×14 inch coil, 15 inches deep, Cut Reale 1777.

  14. Clive


    This is a fantastic book for the legend.

  15. Clive


    “…after 10-15 years of detecting, I had the naive impression that I knew something. Well I do, but it was much less than my ego led me to believe, lol. Your book on the Legend made me realize that, at best, I am a mid level detectorist. And I still have much to learn. Thanks for passing your wisdom on. ”

  16. Clive


    Love this book very informative and is a must if you own a Legend.
    VL jr.

  17. Clive


    Also, very helpful for those moving from single to multi-frequency for the first time or just in need of guidance. It is a very different type of detecting and this book explains that very well.

  18. Clive


    This is a fantastic book, I’ve read it from cover to cover several times and always find new tips each time. I highly recommend it.

  19. Clive


    “Must read for legend user!”

  20. Clive


    I’m definitely a better detectorist from reading your book many many times over. Thanks Clive

  21. Clive



  22. Clive


    Excellent book, highly recommended!

  23. Clive


    “Clive discovers the voodoo hidden in the machine, then tell you how to work the magic in easy to understand language. I have been detecting since 1985 using many detectors with pretty fair results. I know it takes a while to figure out a new machine, this book is saving me months of trial and error getting up to speed with the Legend”

  24. Clive


    “…get the Legend book by Clive Clynick , it will teach you things about the machine you may never discover on your own…”

  25. Clive


    Just finished reading “A Beginners Guide to the Nokta legend” by, Clive Clynick. A great tool/read with a comprehensive understanding of features of the legend and all around metal detecting strategy. For a novice like myself there is a load of information that I will take with me as I progress in the hobby. I’m very happy with this purchase!

  26. Clive


    This little book is excellent in that it not only goes into great detail about the optimal use of the Legend in various environments (this is not a book that merely explains things that you would otherwise find in the manual), but it is also a must read for those who are using a multi frequency machine for the first time or just becoming frustrated with multi. Multi frequency machines (especially hot running machines like Legend) are quite different than single freq in my opinion, and this book gave me a lot of ideas about how to take full advantage of what multi freq, in general, and the Legend, specifically, have to offer. I still pull it out from time to time to find ways to more optimally use Legend.

  27. Clive


    Great book, Has helped me out with my legend.

  28. Clive


    It is very helpful, especially for those who are wading into simultaneous multi frequency for the first time or who had previously used a simple machine. If you are looking to just understand what the controls/menus on the machine do, that is where the factory instruction booklet comes in. This book goes beyond that, focusing more on how to best and more efficiently use a more complex, hot, multi frequency machine. I found it very helpful and have been detecting for more than 20 years. It can really help you better understand what the machine is trying to tell you and how to make your hunts more enjoyable, especially in difficult, frustrating ground. Well worth the price, in my opinion.

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