“Pulsepower!”: Finding Gold at the Shore with a Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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Pulse induction metal detectors offer awesome depth and gold sensitivity. Clive James Clynick is the author of nine previous books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative book Mr. Clynick instructs the reader on how to get results at shoreline sites with a pulse.
Topics include:
• overcoming pulse induction “phobia.”
• equipment choices and equipment “handling.”
• recognizing gold by its signal tone and characteristics.
• tuning secrets for performance, stability and accuracy.
• advanced site selection and analysis.
• understanding shoreline grades and strata.
• understanding “sanded-in” conditions.
• recognizing common junk targets.
• skill-building with the White’s Surf Dual Field TM.
• tuning the Pulsepower Developments Goldquest
Aquasearch V2.
• pro-level methods for effective pinpointing, digging and       sifting.
…and much more…

(8.5 X 5.5 softbound, 106 pgs.) $14.95
Prestige Publications 2009

7 reviews for “Pulsepower!”: Finding Gold at the Shore with a Pulse Induction Metal Detector

  1. Clive


    Re/ “Pulsepower” Ordered this book with a couple of other titles from Clive ,Fantastic books well informative,good info, nice Pics ,And I was well amazed how quick I received the books via airmail ,well worth the money kc
    by kc

  2. Clive


    Not to pitch anything, but get Clive James Clynick’s ( cjc on the forum) book Pulsepower. It’s a great book and you will learn a lot about PI hunting, tuning and site conditions. JC

  3. Clive


    Thanks for the book, its written well so anybody can understand, and sign by Clive,
    Thanks Hank

  4. Clive


    The best practical info on starting to use a PI machine for me was “Pulsepower!”: Finding Gold at the Shore by Clive James Clynick, available from the author’s home page (clivesgoldpage) or on ebay.

  5. Clive


    Clive helps to cure “pulse phobia” for beach hunters who always choose VLF machines in Discrim mode by explaining where and how to use the pulse induction machine most effectively. I also learned how to interpret the iron / ferrous targets that were dug, improving my skills of reading the site conditions.
    If you are thinking of trying a pulse (or are only familiar with VLF machines) at the beach this reading will speed up your learning curve and help you to start making good use of the added depth and sensitivity of the Pulse Induction.
    Gary, HI

  6. Clive


    Hey Clive,

    I just finished reading your book on the White’s Surfmaster PI DF. Wonderful book! I learned so much about pulse hunting! Its really got me motivated to learn more about PI machines.

  7. Clive


    I bought Pulse Power and the Surfmaster manual. Again, top reading from a man who truly knows his stuff.

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