Special Delivery of a WOT! Been looking around for one of these for quite a while got great service and deal from Serious Detecting in MI. Every time Ive sold a WOT it becomes clear that another one needs to be gotten. This is the coil that taught me about signal balancing and as I see a quite a few hunters posting that their new big coil purchases are not getting the depth they had hoped it becomes clear that these kinds of tuning skills and knowledge of how the signal to noise problem operates is not being taught or learned. It’s as if people think these complex digital platform detectors are immune to the laws of simple physics.  The reality is that they obscure the problem even more by maintaining threshold–while  at the same time–losing depth.   I have the 17″ coil for my CTX but find that it’s too complex a platform for the kind of black sand “bottom of the gully” type environments that these finds came from.  The same goes for fast salt.   There is such a thing as a platform / coil combination that can’t be tuned for a particular environment.  With the simplicity of BBS this rarely happens. 

Some of the “old gold” found running my first WOT in all-metal.

It’s only when you begin to experiment in all metal that the effect of the ground and any surrounding interference becomes evident. The first thing you see is that you have more threshold than signal and any targets are becoming lost in this skewed ratio. It took me a long time to understand and address this.  Basically how the all metal response sounds is your guide to where to set the sensitivity.  A great demo is to test your machine in all metal beside a known source of interference–like an electrical panel, TV or furnace.  Notice how your target responses will become better and more distinct as you turn the sensitivity down.  When you increase it–they become flatter–more into the background. This is the same thing that happens in discriminate. Guys who used to post on the Findmall such as “BB. Sailor” taught me a lot about tuning big coils such as the WOT. Most of the deep “old gold I’ve found has come this way. It’s a shame to see so many hunters who lack basic skills in such a hurry to make big finds but not prepared to do their home work.  When I first got the WOT I was getting not even half the depth it was capable of.  Properly tuned in all metal– hitting dimes at 20″+ –no problem.  Never even turned it past 12:00 o’clock.  Not surprising to see some of the most successful hunters such as Joe OBN running the Excal in all metal–using this same kind of tuning skills. This coil will initially go on my Sov X2 Pro–the most stable of the line.