A Couple of Notes on Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi

At any given time I have around fifteen detectors on hand. They all do different things. Of them them all however, one stands out. This is the Anfibio. Im continually impressed by what a well made, well designed great performing machine this is. Its a deep, powerful machine with great small object sensitivity. It hits tiny gold testers that much more expensive detectors won’t. There’s also the option of running at 20 kHz to get even more gold sensitivity. Probably the Notka Makro Anfibio’s best strength is that it has the ability to reach down into the iron and bring up targets that no other machine can. I’ve proved this many times at the toughest most heavily hunted sites in my area. This is also a very versatile machine. The preset modes are very well thought out and let you do a wide variety of things. There’s 3 tone –a bit faster and good where there’s interference or very bad ground.  There’s 3 and 4 tone–both very deep. These let you get precise tone ID based upon your Tone Break settings and also to hear alloyed junk targets by the mixed sound. For this purpose there’s also a 50 tone mode that works well to alert you to “clean” metal mixed in with junk. There’s also a muted tough sand Beach” mode for shorelines. These are just a few of the applications that I’ve used this machine for. I’m also learning a method of running the Anfibio’s “EUD” (Extra Underground Depth) feature at low Gain levels to hear deep targets. I also like the slowed down “Deep” mode that’s gotten me some shockingly deep targets in fresh water sand. This is what I consider to be a great beginner / intermediate machine in that it requires that you learn a few basics and has the performance to grow with over time.  Every trick I’ve taken the time to learn with this machine has brought rewards in the field.

A couple of deep coin and ring finds from a “worked out” site. Im convinced that no other machine could have gotten these in the dense “truck grove” type conditons.

Just can’t say enough about the power and versatility of this machine—when I go to a new site and want to get an idea of what is there—the Anfibio is the machine I bring. I highly recommend this detector to anyone who is interested in working old sites.

I liked the performance of this machine so much that I chose to write a book on it. This book details some of the methods that have gotten results for me with this detector—particularly at tough junk and iron infested sites. The book is called “Successful Treasure Hunting with the Nokta Makro Multi.” For more information and some reviews in this book check out my site: clivesgoldpage.com

Successful Treasure Hunting with the Nokta / Makro Anfibio Multi