The Minelab Equinox: “An Advanced Guide”

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The Minelab Equinox: “An Advanced Guide”

Clive James Clynick is the author of some 22 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews.  In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure.  Topics include:

  • Using Theory and Basic Skills to Improve Your Accuracy
  • Depth and Target Acquisition.
  • Applying the Equinox’s Strengths to Your Sites.
  • Using the Equinox’s Target Information to Learn Problem Targets.
  • Methods and Applications: Creating Custom Search Modes.
  • Across-Frequency Target Testing.
  • Salt Water Stabilization.

…and much more…

(Softbound, $16.95)

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12 reviews for The Minelab Equinox: “An Advanced Guide”

  1. cheffaz


    Great 2nd book for the Equinox its full of great tips and how to use the machine in different situations. The advanced guide is not just for advanced users. All users of the EQX will find this book very useful. Clive has a wealth of knowledge and testing has gone into the book. “An Advanced Guide” should be your go to book for helping you understanding the machine!

  2. Clive


    Clive has been able to show some of the best features of an incredible machine, this is an excellent read to assist in getting the most out of the equinox!
    -Minelab Detexpert/YouTube personality: Red Beard Relic Hunter -DJ Dowling

  3. Clive


    I have both books now and they are awesome. I keep them close so I can study them on these cold days. Anyone one that has a Equinox needs these books.

  4. Clive


    “It is definitely worth every cent. It doesn’t just tell you what it does like the manual it explains things thoroughly like no face book post or you tube video ever could.”
    DS AUS

  5. Clive


    Especially in his second book he goes into more detail how to quiet down this detector using proper ground balance, noise canceling, sensitivity adjustments and recovery speed, mode and frequency selection and iron balance. All of these properly used will result in a quiet machine with little or no adverse effect on depth. In some cases with proper frequency and mode selection along with proper ground balance, noise canceling and sensitivity settings you will actually increase your depth and ability to find weaker targets.

  6. Clive


    A great read, even more detailed information than the first book. Highly recommended, yes I paid for my copy received about 4 weeks ago. It’s a book that will take several reads and a bit of practical to sink in.
    Thank you for your hard work Clive.

  7. Clive


    This is a great source of reference material that you can go back to again and again as you learn to master the Equinox 800 + 600 on the beach…..
    A book well worth the read by Clive Clynick !

    Brian Mayer, Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters

  8. Clive


    I also have both books. I am in the midst of the second one now and it has lots of interesting approaches to consider. Clive is able to set out complicated technical concepts in ways that make them accessible to people (me), who are not technically adept. His writing makes learning fun. Highly recommended for folks who are looking to get the most out of their Equinox.

  9. Clive


    Ive bought both of the books … absolute top reading,very easy to understand…. totally recommend them …. i keep the advanced book with my detector … awesome reference material and a handy size.

  10. Clive


    I found the learning curve steep too. The first couple of times I went out I did’nt have a clue what I was doing but still found a musket ball. So I did buy a couple of Clive Clynick books and set about reading them. Each time I read about a technique etc I went into the garden with my Nox 800 and tried it out them out with specific targets. Bronze, copper, iron etc etc. I found this helped me greatly. JR

  11. Clive


    …after reading the advance book my finds have doubled, best book for the money.

  12. Clive


    I’m in Australia and have read Clives equinox books my finds have tripled with half the work.

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