Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros, Volume II

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Clive James Clynick is the author of some 18 previous detecting books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative guide he shares tips, tricks and secrets of top hunters including Caribbean pro Roland “The King” Dalcourt.  Topics include:
•       Developing Your “Treasure Awareness.”
•       Discovering and Applying Your Machine’s Strengths and Capabilities.
•       Advanced Shoreline Site Analysis: Grades, Strata and Classification
•       Roland “The King” Dalcourt: What Makes a Top Pro?
•       Understanding and Applying “Wide Net / Narrow Mesh”
•       Anatomy of a Site ”Breakthrough”
•       From Observation to Action
•       Combining Tools, Skills and Methods.
•       Skill-Building, Adaptability and Versatility
…and much more…

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8 reviews for Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros, Volume II

  1. Clive


    I just finished Clive’s new book
    Water Hunting Secrets of the pros volume ll
    And I must say that after reading it I am amazed at the detail Clive puts into each and every section of the book and how thoroughly he covers each point. Being a Beach hunting veteran of 42 years I realize that I don’t know it all and Clive has managed to fill in the cracks quite nicely…. Beginner or Seasoned Detectorist this is an essential read for one and all !
    Thanks Clive,
    Brian Mayer
    Jersey Shore Beach & Surf Hunters

  2. Clive


    I just Got Clive Clynick New Information packed Book ” Water Hunting Secrets of the Pro’s Volume II” By far… I think one of his best. I’m seeing so many things he talks about that I can relate to in this one like Yesterday I had my buddy Scott with me and I love seeing Scott score some yellow. I told scott go hit that spot..I’m leaving. Sure enough he scored a nice old gold. ..
    Clives book mentions this…The best clues to where gold can be found is where it’s been found before. Every Gold target you find has valuable information to tell. What levels were needed to expose it, was it lost at this spot or moved by current? All this information points you toward the next find.
    Great book and a must have.
    Joe Preast; AKA “Joe Beechnut”

  3. Clive


    Another Great book from the Pro ! Thank You.
    J. Elliot FL.

  4. Clive


    Clive has several excellent books on metal detecting, add this title
    is one of the must haves! Site reading, grades, hunt strategies, and
    coil control are all well explained. Maybe just as importantly, it
    gives the reader a personal look into the mindset of a couple of true
    pro beach hunters with a lot of experience. Very useful information in
    my opinion. As always I received the book in a timely manner after
    Gary, HI

  5. Clive


    I finally got the book last week Clive, it’s bloody awesome thank you.
    Paul, AUS.

  6. Clive


    Book review- Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros Volume 2

    I recently had the opportunity to read Clive Clynicks latest book called Water Hunting: Secrets of the Pros Volume II. If you have ever read any of Clive’s books you will understand that he is a very passionate and traveled Professional Hunter and takes the hobby very seriously. I know Clive personally and I’ve had the opportunity to detect with him and Im always amazed of his depth of knowledge in the hobby. Clive bases his books and writings on actual experience detecting alongside some of the world’s top Pro Hunters and I knew the book would not disappoint!
    From the first few pages I noticed very quickly Clive begins to entice the reader down the proverbial rabbit hole into the world of water hunting with a well structured and reader friendly format to follow. The underlining tone throughout the entire book is truly to teach or improve the readers skills to become a proficient water hunter. For a 101 page book he covers an impressive amount of topics on detectors, reading beaches in depth equipment observations and safety in and out of the water. Along the way you will notice Clive weaves in and out personal detecting stories which are very intriguing, inspiring and at times very comical. There’s also a multitude of pictures, charts and diagrams throughout the book that give good visual explanations of the topic being described. I personally love this because Im a visual learner and some of the personal diagrams throughout the pages are excellent.
    Along with the wonderful pictures and great stories in this book my favorite part is definitely concerning one of my favorite Pro Hunters Roland Dalcourt whom we affectionately call the king of the Caribbean. Roland is definitely one of the most proficient Water Hunters on the planet, a true gentleman and friend. Anyone who knows Roland or has had the opportunity to hunt with him knows his experience and techniques in Caribbean waters is second to none. As one of Roland’s closest friends, Clive has had the opportunity to hunt with him extensively throughout the years. I can’t think of two other individuals who have pulled more gold out of the water then Clive and Roland and Clive graciously brings the reader along their adventures into the final pages. In conclusion I would highly suggest reading the book from front to back if you are interested in the hobby or at least to enjoy some of the fascinating stories Clive takes us on. Informative well-articulated and fascinating! Great book
    Steve Zazulyk
    Toronto / Florida

  7. Clive


    The wealth of knowledge that the book has is great! Any seasoned pro or beginner this is a must read!

    John Favano

  8. Clive


    Well I am so very pleased with the above book and have just completed making my notes from it.Great reading and it has helped me a lot. So in short, thanks for sharing your experience with us and keep em going.
    Cheers John

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