“DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the White’s DFX “E” Series TM Metal Detector”

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By Clive James Clynick
Clive James Clynick is the author of two previous treasurehunting books and numerous articles. “DFX Gold Methods” is the result of several years of research and detector field-testing. Mr. Clynick draws upon his twenty-five years of metal detecting experience to create this unique guide to finding gold jewelry with the White’s DFX metal detector.  The author shares his proven methods for:

  • choosing gold hunting sites.
  • “reading” and observing within sites.
  • developing a practical understanding of the DFX.
  • recognizing trash targets, particularly aluminum.
  • creating your own custom ring programs based upon your specific site conditions.
  • improving your gold count this treasure hunting season.

(76 pages, 8.5 X 5.5, softbound) $14.95

2 reviews for “DFX Gold Methods: Finding Gold Jewelry with the White’s DFX “E” Series TM Metal Detector”

  1. Clive


    I personally want to thank you for your books. I have everyone of your excaliber and pulse books as well as some others you have written on dfx & xlt & site reading. Those books have changed my metal detecting life. I’ve read and re-read them and they are in my mind the best books written on metal detecting. My gold and silver finds have gone way up and I even found a nice platinum on land so far this year. Thanks and take care!

  2. Clive


    Clive’s book “DFX Gold Methods” should be your study guide. I, myself consider that to be THE jewelry hunter’s handbook. I’ve proved out what Clive has stated there over and over again. I’d write a book myself only I’d just be restating what Clive has already written.

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