Mastering the Makro Racer

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Clive James Clynick is the author of 16 previous detecting book titles and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book he shares his 35–plus years of treasure hunting experience and outlines some proven methods for getting results with the Makro Racer Metal Detector. Topics include:

  • 14 kHz Gold Hunting
  • Tuning for Performance
  • Understanding and Avoiding False Signals
  • Recognizing Common Trash items
  • Improving Your Accuracy with the “In Keeping” Method
  • Getting the Most from the Racer’s Target Information Array
  • Understanding “Out of Range” Responses
  • Deep Silver Settings and Methods
  • The Racer in Iron
  • Beach and Inland Applications

-and much more…
100 pages. 8.5 X 5.5 Softbound ($16.95)


7 reviews for Mastering the Makro Racer

  1. Clive


    I just got my copy of Mastering the Makro Racer & I would definitely purchase it again. Great Informaton and insights into the workings & use of this machine!
    Altamaha (NY)

  2. Clive


    I find this book is well written and easy for all to understand.
    Thanks Clive for another great book.
    Rick (ND)

  3. Clive


    great book and great information
    Hal (NY

  4. deepcam3


    Everyone from Novice to Professional, needs to buy this Book! For the Novice,to learn everything you need to know to become an effective metal detectorist! For the professional, just to remember all the tips and tricks, you knew back when!….. and maybe forgot along the way? And maybe even learn some new tricks, in this Digital Age? (And yes, even after 45 years of detecting, I found some!) Great Book Clive, what’s next? Maybe a Nokta Fors Co Re expose?…..Look forward to reading it, whatever it may be, take care now, Sincerely, Vance

  5. Clive


    Great book! Written in layman’s terms and very informative!

    Steve (Choppadude)

  6. Clive


    U should check out the book mastering the makro racer by Clive clynick he goes over methods of telling deep iron from deep non-ferrous very good read
    by Pedlar mills – Makro Detectors Forum

  7. Clive


    I got my book on Friday and been reading it a little at a time between my bar customers and find it is very good in my opinion. Clive has made this book easy to understand, at least for me and learning as I go.
    I used my Racer on and off this past summer and it is quite different than my Sovereigns I been running since 1996 and it is going to have a learning curve for sure as I am used to digging the odd signals and picking up some great finds, but the Racer from what I am seeing and understanding is a high gain detector so the gain from the factory is much higher than other detectors and have learned to turn it down instead of running it higher in my sites. I see now why I am digging so much trash is the gain was too high to learn this detector, but after I learn more I will be able to turn it higher. I am digging too many iffy signals with the Racer and have to work more on listening to every signal closer and take my time before I dig.

    I find this book what I have read is well written and easy for all to understand.

    Thanks Clive for another great book.

    Rick ND

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