“Site-Reading for Gold and Silver: Understanding Beach, Shore and Inland Metal Detecting Sites”

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By Clive James Clynick
These proven methods for choosing, assessing and examining treasure hunting locations will help you to become a more accurate and effective treasure hunter.  Topics include:
·  “Site-reading” for gold.
· “Guesstimating” the potential of sites based upon key factors.
· Recognizing “hotspots” within sites.
· Versatility and on-site problem solving.
· Assessing and working difficult or previously hunted sites.
· Understanding strata, “precipitate” and shore grades.
· Learning from what’s in the ground.
· Building your skills “kit.”
· Assessing resort and beach sites from photographs.
· Working sites with dense trash or iron.
· Using your time in the field effectively.
(84 pages, 8.5 x 5.5) $14.95

6 reviews for “Site-Reading for Gold and Silver: Understanding Beach, Shore and Inland Metal Detecting Sites”

  1. Clive


    Thanks for the advice in “Site Reading for Gold and Silver.” It quickly paid for itself (and then some…grin) in increased finds. Ian SF

  2. Clive


    And … read this book! Site-Reading for Gold and Silver by Clive Clynick He has other water hunting books and is the best source of water hunting information I have ever found
    by Willee

  3. Clive


    …then I read “Site Reading’ and then so much of it came together. I felt i had a chance of using the M Lab to find some rings etc, I went out and snagged my first gold with it the very next go.
    Thanks Clive, your recommendations proofed invaluable.
    Gerry Allen

  4. Clive


    I also highly reccomend that you read Clive Clynick’s Site Reading For Gold and Silver. It will change the way you look at your hunting sites. You can’t find gold if it’s not there. It will help you assess whether a site has what your looking for and also where at the site would give you the highest probability to find gold.
    … It gives you very specific strategies for approaching a site and what should guide you in your pursuit of treasure.

  5. Clive


    “Site reading for gold and silver” is my most important detecting book. This one is a must read. Ask yourself: Is there any more valuable information than knowing if what you’re looking for is even there? This book gives you a solid basis to answer that question with good accuracy. Clive provides you with a logical and comprehensive system of site assessment which he developed over his 30+ years of detecting, observing and drawing conclusions. This book allowed me to avoid mistakes and save time by making me do things right from the start so I didn’t have to learn on my own mistakes and detect where it’s not worth it. It’ll basically save you 30+ years of trial and error!

    Is it worth it to swing my detector at a given spot? This basic question has to be asked before any hunt. Get the book, understand the contents and you’ll be well rewarded. I’ve read it so many times I almost got it memorized.

    Matt Narczynski
    British Columbia, Canada

  6. Clive


    Hi Clive! Got your books last Wednesday I think I’m almost through with 2 of them. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom & experience. You have made a huge impact on my hunting! In my humble opinion you write the best books on metal detecting including detailed understandable practical information & tips you can immediately apply. I tell everyone about your book Site Hunting for Gold & Silver! It has made a world of difference for me & has made me a much more successful hunter! Best Wishes! Robert

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