Shallow Water Metal Detecting: “Lessons from the Pros”

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Clive James Clynick is the author of ten previous treasure hunting books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative book Mr. Clynick draws on his 30 years of detecting experience and that of top pros worldwide to produce this advanced guide for the serious water and shoreline treasure hunter. Topics include:
• Pro-level equipment handling tips.
• Advanced site selection and analysis.
• Spotting and acting upon site patterns.
• Success in heavily-worked conditions.
• Using multiple machines accurately.
• “Edge Hunting”
• Post-storm detecting.
• “Beating the best.”
• Underwater methods.
• Traveling to detect.
• Pro-level beach hunting tips

(94 pgs., 8.5 x 5.5 softbound). $14.95.

2 reviews for Shallow Water Metal Detecting: “Lessons from the Pros”

  1. Clive


    I see some posts asking what they need to know to beach and water hunt. Seems simple enough … go to the beach and swing the detector … easy … But if you really want to learn something that will jump start you to success get the two books on water hunting by Clive Clynick. Water Hunting: “Secrets of the Pro’s” Shallow Water Metal Detecting: “Lessons from the Pros”
    by Willee

  2. Clive


    Lessons from the Pros:
    If you have already found a few nice items but hear about other detectorists that are consistently making good finds and are wondering how they do it, get this reading. I found out what it is like to hunt “for a living” straight from pros, then used some of these pro tips to work well at the hobbyist level. The book will easily pay for itself many times over.
    Gary’ HI

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