The White’s Surfmaster P.I. Dual Field: “An Advanced Guide”

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Clive James Clynick is the author of eleven previous treasure hunting books and numerous articles.  In this detailed and informative guide to getting results with the Whites Surfmaster P.I. Dual Field, Mr. Clynick shares his 30 years of shoreline pulse induction detecting experience.  Topics include:
• hearing gold “optimization.”
• high-gain methods.
• signal balancing for maximum depth.
• understanding P.I. interference.
• developing your accuracy through bench-testing.
• “faint target awareness”
• P.I. target selection.
• coil control tips and methods.
• advanced site selection and analysis.

$14.95 (87 pgs. 8.5 X 5.5).

3 reviews for The White’s Surfmaster P.I. Dual Field: “An Advanced Guide”

  1. Clive


    …the book specifically written on the Dual Field by Clive Clynick. Fabulous information by proven & experienced treasure hunter! A must read for anyone interested in learning how to successfully pulse hunt.
    R. Raysgaurd

  2. Clive


    I started using my DF in ’09 and have learned many things about how it responds to the variations in hunting conditions I encounter here on the shore of Long Island Sound.
    Clive James Clynick has a great book, “The White’s Surfmaster P.I. Dual Field: “An Adfvanced Guide””, that covers just about every one of those variations and more and I whole-heartedly recommend you read it and absorb the info therein.
    by Cupago

  3. Clive


    I bought Pulse Power and the Surfmaster manual. Again, top reading from a man who truly knows his stuff.

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